The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Opening a Tapout Fitness Franchise

The franchise industry is growing fast. People are increasingly leery of investing their time and effort in the corporate world. If it is time for you to start something of your own—something that is recession-proof and provides room for growth with the cost of starting a gym even in a less-than-robust economy—the trick is finding something that provides an in-demand product or service and delivers value to your clients. Helping your customers create a healthy lifestyle gives value. Teaching them how to improve their fitness and work hard at building an attractive physique provides value. The cost of starting a gym is worth the investment because when you buy a franchise in the fitness industry, you purchase the opportunity to help clients create a better life. cost of starting a gym

Start on the Ground Floor

The best way to enter a business is on the ground floor. Tapout Fitness offers you that chance. A Tapout Fitness franchise is a turnkey business with a proven business model. You can choose from investment options that include an initial franchise fee; either a small or large investment, depending on the size of the gym; and royalties.

Enjoy Benefits as a Tapout Fitness Franchisee

Everything adds up to a low cost of starting a gym and a stable platform for growth without any massive capital infusions. You can operate as a hands-on or semi-absentee owner. Your overhead will remain manageable and your staffing requirements minimal. As an owner, you will enjoy:

  • Being part of a $25 billion industry
  • Recurring revenue from multiple income streams even after the cost of starting a gym
  • A strong, recognizable brand name
  • The most reliable system of support in the industry

As the owner of a Tapout Fitness franchise, you will provide quality products and services that add value to your clients, including the following:

  • The choice of private or group classes
  • Family programs for the entire family and every age
  • Programs that accommodate busy schedules
  • A one-stop location for cardio, strength, and overall fitness goals

Own a Tapout Fitness Franchise in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Request more information. This starts the process of learning about the company and gives the initial contacts a chance to begin learning about you. Step 2: Phone call with our franchise development manager. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and continue learning about Tapout Fitness’s history and business model. Step 3: Submit application. Taking the plunge allows the company to find out more about you and gives you time to dig deeper into what Tapout Fitness is all about. Step 4: Receive a franchise disclosure document (FDD). This document explains the particulars of the franchise agreement including the cost of starting a gym. Step 5: Interview. Have a formal meeting face to face. Step 6: Sign final papers and welcome aboard! Step 7: Training begins as you get ready to launch your business.

Become a Part of the Team

Becoming a member of the Tapout Fitness team means you’ve joined a group committed to being the most recognized name in fitness. They believe strongly in providing value to their customers and opportunities to their franchisees. They invest as much time and energy into your potential success as you do. Tapout Fitness also offers support through a robust marketing program and a broad variety of quality merchandise for you to sell. Once again, the multiple income streams are an important part of their program. The Tapout Fitness franchise business offers an almost unparalleled opportunity at a very reasonable cost for starting a gym. Visit our website to learn more about the cost of starting a gym and how you can become a part of an incredible team by opening a Tapout Fitness franchise today! Tapout_728x90_2