Looking to Open Multiple Franchise Units? Consider These Tips for Expanding in Oregon

When you take a close look at multi-unit franchising as an expansion opportunity, you can start to see why franchisees find it so alluring and franchisors are excited about this shift in gym ownership.

Multi-unit gym ownership is a chance for franchisors to side with battle-tested franchisees and work with Tapout Fitness’s area developers to leverage brand recognition and carve out the hottest territories for franchisees.

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Collaborate on a Market Penetration Plan

Today’s franchisees, in turn, are more business savvy than in the past and intuitively understand the importance of collaborating on a market penetration plan with franchisors in a shared, all-hands-on-deck effort to recruit as many local gym members as possible.

Everything goes toward achieving brand recognition through local advertising and marketing initiatives, and the affiliates that Tapout Fitness brings to the table (such as WWE) definitely doesn’t hurt when it comes to grabbing people’s attention on social media.

Use Social Media for Synergistic Benefits

When it comes to retaining long-time gym members and reaching out to new faces with gym ownership, few things beat the marketing and conversion potential of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Each of these sites can enable you and Tapout Fitness’s area developers to seize control of Oregon’s hottest local market areas, including Oregon’s most populous city, Portland, and cities with a 50,000-plus population like Beaverton and Tigard.

By drumming up local attention on social media with Facebook posts on lifestyle tips and Instagram pics of popular workouts—or even Pinterest pics showing healthy meal ideas—you can get the word out and increase membership potential at all of your locations.

At the same time, taking social media outreach seriously as part of your market penetration strategy allows you to send out a few posts a week and reap the benefits of more exposure and potentially swelling member rolls—at all of your Tapout Fitness locations!

Social media outreach allows gym-owning franchisees the chance to interact with members online, send out promotions, inform everyone about contests, and maybe provide that extra motivation to dust off the gym card and head out to a Tapout Fitness location.

Gradually Introduce a Support Team Around You

When franchisees sign a multi-unit gym ownership agreement, they normally do so as part of a development schedule.

Franchisees, in essence, agree to open a certain number of gym locations in a predetermined period of time within an area you and the area developer have determined is the most promising from a future membership and payoff standpoint.

Now, you often hear that there are three main challenges posed to franchisees looking to expand by becoming multi-unit franchisees. Those three challenges are a potential strain on liquidity, possible management issues, and more complicated logistics.

The first challenge is usually the easiest to surmount because by being in the multi-unit conversation, liquidity, on average, poses less of a problem than for single unit, owner-operator franchisees.

Where multi-unit franchisees really face tough decisions is managing five or more gym locations while streamlining training, reducing employee turnover, and limiting communication issues.

Hiring unit managers whom you trust to run one or a cluster of gym locations is one way to make sure that you keep your fingers on the pulse even when you’re not there and that gym employees have the guidance and oversight they need to stay motivated.

While managers can allow you to expand seamlessly, they can also be a potential liability, which is why you might consider phasing them in overtime as you open multiple gyms in Oregon with Tapout Fitness.

To find out more about multi-unit gym ownership, contact us at Tapout Fitness today!