How to Solve the Biggest Problems Associated with Franchising

Gym franchising makes a ton of sense for thousands of entrepreneurs in Oregon: You can enjoy the economies of scale and brand recognition of one of the most established fitness names in the industry from your first day on the job. Choosing to franchise with an established name—rather than opening your own gym from scratch—also puts you in touch with experienced area developers, prime locations in Oregon, easier access to startup financing, and ongoing help in the form of training and support. The sports and fitness industry regularly experiences growth of more than 3% annually and in 2014 represented over $84 billion in domestic wholesale sales. On top of that incredible number, over 54 million Americans paid for gym memberships in that same year, according to Franchise Help. oregon gym

Obstacles an Oregon Gym Franchisee Might Encounter

Franchise experts have noted for years that the subprime mortgage crisis and ensuing economic recession put a damper on some franchisees’ ability to obtain startup capital. In addition to liquidity issues, startups can fail to live up to their potential for a variety of reasons, including: launching the startup before all the bugs have been resolved, choosing the wrong location, inadequate startup capital, insufficient marketing and advertising support, the related problem of lack of initial brand awareness, and poor insight into what customers are really after. Can gym franchising overcome most or all of these issues?

Solving These Big Issues with a Tapout Fitness Franchise

Tapout Fitness’s franchise opportunities resolve a lot of these issues right off the bat: You’ll have access to loans through Tapout Fitness and an easier time cementing your place in the industry since the initial investment and franchise fee are both very competitive for most franchisees.

Getting Your Footing in the Industry

After you share an introductory call with one of Tapout Fitness’s franchise development managers and submit your application for approval, you’ll be well on your way to receiving your franchise disclosure document and ultimately negotiating the terms of your franchise agreement. This is another area where having an experienced franchisor really helps. Tapout Fitness’s Oregon gym franchise development managers are happy to schedule webinars to explain the ins and outs of each of the 23 sections of Tapout Fitness’s franchise disclosure document and what you can expect throughout your franchising journey.

Working with Area Developers: Getting the Right Location

Going back to our list of the reasons most startups fail, two other problems that entrepreneurs frequently run into when they strike out on their own are picking the wrong location and failing to allocate enough money or attention to marketing and advertising. Tapout Fitness sidesteps this potential problem by deploying dozens of area developers who understand the Oregon area and, more importantly, what areas are hot right now based on demographic studies. Tapout Fitness’s area developers have pinpointed the best locations in health-conscious locales like Wilsonville, Tigard, and Portland and done their best to ensure that you hit the ground running and have plenty of potential members wherever you decide to set up shop.

Established Brand Awareness, Marketing, and Advertising

Tapout Fitness brings partnerships with WWE, MMA, and Authentic Brands Group to bear so that franchisees can benefit from the Tapout Fitness name and the brand recognition of all of its affiliates. On top of that, you’ll receive ongoing marketing and advertising assistance so that you gain more customers—and so that today’s members become tomorrow’s spokespeople. Ready to join an incredible industry? Visit our website today to find out how you can get started on an investment with Tapout Fitness. Tapout_728x90_2