3 Ways Social Media Can Impact Your Tapout Fitness Franchise

In and out of the gym, your clients are on social media. Just like the rest of us, they’re keeping up with their friends, reading their daily news, and managing their events and social lives by using mobile applications.

Smart business owners know that this constant connectivity is an opportunity to build loyalty and community. It’s also an amazing marketing space, and if exploited correctly, social media can do more to promote your brand than you ever thought possible. Here are some of the ways that you can use social media to bring in—and keep—a steady stream of satisfied customers.

Tapout Fitness franchise

1. Celebrate Your Clients for Reaching Milestones

Use your social media accounts to reward clients when they complete a certain number of classes, hit a body comp number toward which they’ve been working, or achieve a specific lifting or distance goal.

Ran a 5k after completing a training program? Dropped 10 pounds after months of hard work? Your Tapout Fitness franchise should be the first to publically high-five clients for their hard work. Make them the “Shout-out of the Week” and hit them with a free Tapout Fitness water bottle; just make sure you have permission before posting anything online.

2. Make Your Social Media Space a Home for Exclusive Promotions

If clients need to use Facebook and Twitter to receive special pricing, referral bonuses, discount prices on swag, or access to special programing, they’ll gladly do so. You can allow social media campaigns to automate for designated time periods to cut down on work, and you can track which promotions gain the most traction over time to determine your marketing strategy moving forward.

Online coupons are also a surefire way to pull in new leads because customers shopping for a new fitness facility will count pricing and available discounts as one of the biggest factors in their decision.

Encourage your members to share promotions to earn discounts or deals, a tactic that works double-time: you’ll increase your Internet exposure, and you’ll exploit the intrinsic value of friendly referrals.

3. Require Online Registration for Special Events

Then, market those events through the same social media channels. Bring in third-party vendors to sell healthy snacks or yoga pants or to teach mobility and flexibility seminars. Hold social events like cookouts or gym gear exchanges on site, or host in-house competitions and let your members sweat it out against each other for free T-shirts and trophies. Get involved in a local 5k, dragon boat race, or spring triathlon as a team and provide your members with a training schedule and team shirts.

Getting your members invested in more than just a three-hour-per-week workout schedule is crucial if you want to build a sense of community, so do your part to get your members signed up, sharing, and chatting about your offerings.

Embracing social media to promote your Tapout Fitness franchise isn’t optional in 2016. Use all the major outlets and link them together so that your promotional materials, registrations, and announcements are broadcast across the full spectrum for maximum exposure. You’ll pick up new clients and strengthen relationships with existing members, and you’ll solidify your place as a serious player in your local fitness market.

To find out how you can engage your customers more by utilizing social media for your Tapout Fitness franchise, contact us today!